Bryden Alumni Awards

These awards, honouring Bruce Bryden (BA ’64), who was an exceptionally committed and influential leader at York, and founding President of the York University Alumni Association, celebrate alumni who have attained extraordinary achievements and made remarkable contributions to York and to their communities.


Pinnacle Achievement Janice Fukakusa (MBA ’79)
Outstanding Contribution Guy Burry (BA ’82)
Local Hero Dave Smith (BSc ’70, MBA ’72)
Redefine the Possible Carolyn Acker (BAS ’87)
The One-to-Watch Karen D. Foss (BA ’01)


Pinnacle Achievement Kathleen Taylor (JD/MBA ’84)
Outstanding Contribution John S. Hunkin (MBA ’69, LLD ’04)
Local Hero Marc Wilchesky (PhD ’80)
Redefine the Possible Nina Arsenault (BFA ’96, MFA ’00)
The One-to-Watch Chris Penrose (BA ’04)


Pinnacle Achievement Clayton Ruby (BA ’63)
Outstanding Contribution Greg Cooper (LLB ’69)
Local Hero Sheila Forshaw (BSc ’83)
Redefine the Possible Eric Walters (BA ’79, BSW ’82, MSW ’86)
The One-to-Watch David Hein (BFA ’97) and Irene Sankoff (BA ’99)


Pinnacle Achievement Nino Ricci (BA ’81)
Outstanding Contribution James Love (LLB ’73, LLM ’86)
Local Hero Harriet Lewis (BA ’69, MA ’71)
Redefine the Possible Hana Zalzal (MBA ’92)
The One-to-Watch Galit Solomon (BA ’00)


Pinnacle Achievement Barbara Budd (BA ’74)
Outstanding Contribution Marshall Cohen (LLB ’60, LLM ’63)
Local Hero Robert Drummond (BA ’67)
Redefine the Possible Paul Jones (BSc ’80) and Mark Jones (BA ’84)
The One-to-Watch Gretel Reid-Willis (BA/BEd ’81)


Outstanding Contribution Bill Hatanaka (BA ’77)
Local Hero Paul Axelrod (BA ’72, PhD ’80)
Redefine the Possible Wendy Craig (MA ’89, PhD ’93)
The One-to-Watch Frank Cianciulli (BA ’97)


Pinnacle Achievement Karen Kraft Sloan (MES ’90)
Outstanding Contribution Maxwell Gotlieb (BA ’72, LLB ’75, LLM ’97)
Local Hero Charmaine Courtis (BA ’72)
Redefine the Possible Paul Alofs (MBA ’83)
The One-to-Watch Jennifer Corriero (BA ’03, MES ’06)


Pinnacle Achievement Chantal Hébert (BA ’76)
Outstanding Achievement Aidan Flatley (BA ’78)
Local Hero John Lennox (BA ’67)
Redefine the Possible Chandra Siddan (BEd ’03)
The One-to-Watch Andrew Craig (BFA ’93)


Pinnacle Achievement Sandie Rinaldo (BFA ’73)
Outstanding Contribution Helen Sinclair (BA ’73)
Local Hero Steve Dranitsaris (BA ’73)
Redefine the Possible Debra Brown (BFA ’78)
The One-to-Watch Farouk Jiwa (MES ’03)


Contribution Joseph Sorbara (LLB ’68)
Friend Timothy Price
Achievement Janet Green Foster (BA ’69, PhD ’76)
Leadership Peter Currie (BA ’73, MBA ’78)


Contribution Ivan Fecan (BA ’01)
Friend Steve Mirkopoulos
Achievement John Tory (LLB ’78)
Leadership David Tsubouchi (BA ’72, LLB ’75)


Contribution Carol Anne Letheren (MBA ’77)
Friend Martin and Joan Goldfarb
Achievement Steve MacLean (BSc ’77, PhD ’83)
Achievement Ernie Eves (LLB ’70)
Leadership William Dimma (MBA ’69)


Contribution John Bankes (LLB/MBA ’77)
Friend Seymour Schulich
Achievement David Collenette (BA ’69)
Leadership Margot Franssen (BA ’79)