Community Memo Oct. 27, 2009

Members of the York Community,

I want to take this opportunity to provide you with an update on the progress we are making in the Provostial White Paper process.

I am pleased to report that the Green Papers are now available online at the White Paper website. I would encourage all members of the community, including students, faculty, staff, administrative units and alumni to read the Green Papers - reflect on the ideas and recommendations made in each paper - and provide your comments by 30 November 2009 to ensure that we have the widest possible input.

The Green Papers are as follows:

  1. Student Experience
  2. Teaching Innovation and Student Learning
  3. Strategic Expansion of Research Activity
  4. Strategic Enrolment and Program Planning
  5. Internationalization
  6. Community Engagement
  7. York's Overall Reputation

The development of the Green Papers is the result of extensive consultation and collaboration with over 150 members of the York community. Each of the Green Papers are informed by a variety of research, including: literature review; survey data and relevant reports; examination of current practices and other forms of consultative outreach.

Further community consultation on the Green Papers will take place at the upcoming Academic Planning Forum on November 2nd and 3rd. Co-sponsored by the Senate Academic Policy, Planning and Research Committee, the Forum will provide Senators and other University planners an opportunity to participate in breakout group discussions on the green papers. Members of APPR and other senior administrators, including President Shoukri, will actively participate in the discussions.

At the Planning Forum, each of the breakout group discussions will focus on the following question: "Having regard to the analysis in this Green Paper, what are the three key priorities that should guide the efforts of the University over the next decade in relation to this area?" I am looking forward to, what I expect to be, an interesting collegial discussion on the important issues raised in the Green Papers.

Yours truly,
Patrick Monahan
October 27, 2009