University Academic Plan

Guided by York’s mission and vision , as well as a set of enduring values, the University Academic Plan 2015 - 2020 (the Plan) reflects the spirit of our motto Tentanda Via – the way must be tried – expressing our readiness, capacity and desire to address the challenges we face in a constantly changing and dynamic 21st century context, and to seek bold new ways of fulfilling our promises, looking inwardly and outwardly for inspiration. While our values are not individually exclusive to York University, taken together, they represent a unique and authentic combination that guides academic planning at a public institution.

Strategic Mandate Agreement

The Strategic Mandate Agreement between the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and York University outlines the role the University currently performs in Ontario’s postsecondary education system and how it will build on its current strengths to achieve its vision and help drive system-wide objectives and government priorities.

SMA 1 Strategic Mandate Agreement 1 2014-17
SMA 2 Strategic Mandate Agreement 2 2017-20

Learn more about the SMA3 process and get up-to-date information.

Provostial White Paper

In 2009, the Provost initiated a collegial strategic planning process for the next decade, in which faculty, staff and students from across the University were invited to participate.  The process resulted in the endorsement by the University Senate of a Provostial White Paper, Building a More Engaged University: Strategic Directions for York University 2010-2020. The paper sets out priorities relating to academic quality, the student experience, and community engagement, together with benchmarks to measure progress towards objectives. These priorities guide academic planning, including the University Academic Plan and Faculty plans. To White Paper Overview and the White Paper Companion documents are available for review. For more information about the process that was followed in developing the White Paper, visit the White Paper Archive.

2020 Vision: The Future of York University Green Paper

2020 Vision: The Future of York University Green Paper

Reports to Senate

The Vice-President Academic & Provost reports regularly to the University Senate on progress towards academic priorities, as well as to other audiences.

Decanal Search Procedures

Searches for Deans are governed by the York University Procedures for Decanal Searches established by the President.

Student Behaviour Guidelines

Guidelines for Managing Disruptive Student Behaviour in Academic Settings