Strategic Priorities & Initiatives

The Office of the Provost & Vice-President Academic promotes and supports a number of institutional strategic priorities and initiatives.

Renewing York University's Full-time Faculty Complement

York University's Complement Renewal Strategy outlines an understanding of what high-level principles should guide the University, and what outcomes we should strive for, as we invest in faculty complement renewal over the next 5-10 years. It informs the annual, Faculty-based complement planning process with an appreciation of longer-term goals for the University, and it clarifies how best to build the complement needed to achieve academic priorities as expressed in key planning documents including the University Academic Plan and Strategic Research Plan. Learn more about renewing York University's Full-time Faculty Complement.

Provostial Fellows Program

In April 2021, the Office of the Provost & Vice-President Academic launched a new Provostial Fellows Program which will provide capacity, at an institutional level, to advance the priorities of the UAP in demonstrable ways, and also to provide an opportunity for a diverse group of tenured faculty to gain hands-on experience in university leadership. Learn more about the Provostial Fellows Program.

Integrated Resource Planning (IRP)

York University operates within an Integrated Resource Planning Framework. This comprehensive approach integrates institutional planning activities and the alignment of University resources with strategic and academic priorities. The Office of Institutional Planning & Analysis has been mandated with oversight and execution of this key strategic priority.


PRASE (Process Re-Engineering and Service Enhancement) is a joint initiative of the Provost & Vice-President Academic and the Vice-President Finance & Administration, intended to achieve efficiencies while enhancing quality and coordination of the services provided to faculty, staff, and students.


Last fall, the PRASE Working Group on Budget Models (PRASE-WGBM) developed principles to guide its work in proposing a new budget model. After evaluating potential models, PRASE-WGBM recommended to the executive sponsors and the president that York University adopt a Shared Accountability & Resource Planning (SHARP) budget model. Learn more about the SHARP budgeting system through yu link.