White Paper Archives

The coordination of the Provostial White Paper process involved the Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost to work in concert with the Academic Policy, Planning and Research Committee of Senate. Additional support was provided by the Coordinating Committee for Institutional Resources and Analysis. The White Paper was then brought to Senate for approval in principle.

Following a Consultation and Planning phase, the White Paper process was comprised of three distinct phases: the Green Paper phase, the White Paper phase and the Implementation phase.

Introductory Documents

  1. President's Introduction: Strategic Directions for York University 2010-2020
  2. Moving Forward with the University Academic Plan Report to the Board of Governors: December 2007
  3. President's Task Force on Community Engagement
  4. Report of the President's Council on Sustainability, 3 February 2010
  5. A Report on Academic Planning and Graduate Education at York University - November 2009

Consultation and Planning

The development of the White Paper incorporates a range of opportunities for community members across the university to provide input and comment at various stages of the process. A number of consultation meetings were held earlier focused around the preparation and discussion of the Green Papers.

Open Planning Forums

Two open forums, the first in 2010 and the second in 2012, were scheduled to discuss the working draft of the White Paper. Faculty, staff and students were invited to participate.


Two White Paper Consultations, the first in 2009 and the second in 2010, were held with the Senate and Faculty Councils.

Written Comments

Written comments were also invited to be submitted to whitepaper@yorku.ca.


The Green Paper Phase

The first phase in the Provostial White Paper process is the "green paper" phase.  The Green Papers are intended to elicit debate about issues, to raise ideas and suggest directions that might be taken up in the final White Paper.

Based on some initial consultations with members of Senate, and the Senate Academic Policy, Planning and Research Committee, and common themes found in the faculty academic plans, seven green paper topics were identified. Each Green Paper was developed by a working group led by one or two members of the Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost and included members of the York community who have a special interest in, and knowledge about, the particular green paper topic.

Academic planners were invited to participate in an Academic Planning Forum to discuss the Green Papers in a workshop-style forum.  Community members were also encouraged to provide additional comments or submissions on the Green Papers via email on or before November 30, 2009.

The White Paper Phase

The “white paper” phase involved the creation of a number of working groups to review and consider in more detail the key ideas and issues that were identified in the green paper(s). These working groups were created in conjunction with the Senate Committee on Academic Policy, Planning and Research.

The “white paper” phase culminated in the publication of a draft White Paper. Following the release of the draft White Paper the York community was invited to participate in a number of planning forums and was encouraged to provide additional comments or submissions.

The Implementation Phase

The implementation phase involved the development of a Business/UAP Implementation Plan for the academic division of the University for the next three years as well as the finalization of faculty and administrative unit Business/UAP Implementation Plans for a similar period.

The implementation phase also involved the establishment of targets, reporting mechanisms, benchmarking and an overall accountability framework to regularly measure progress and success in the achievement of the longer-term goals identified in the White Paper.